About Us

“We are just grateful to have been given the privilege to meet our beautiful  fans and to share positive, conscious and empowering messages with  them.” 

-Jah Reflection- 


Jah Reflection is a reggae band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The core members of the band are Agiana, Gene Ray, Wabi Sabi,Pamoja and Nygan who together make up one big family. As upcoming act, we are no stranger to the reggae scene in the Netherlands, playing in numerous venues in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Harlem, Arnhem etc. 

The band started in 2015 with one unifying goal namely, leaving a positive mark on this world through music. Spreading a message of unity in solving modern issues! Focusing, among other  things, on raising awareness around social issues like the plight of the  poor, the struggle for peace and fight for equal rights and justice.  

Especially now, #Solidarity and #Unity between us as one human race is more important than ever.


While reggae music is one of the most obvious genre to highlight these issues, the band loves mixing this iconic genre with heavy doses of Rock, Jazz, Afro-rhythm and everything nice. This gives us a unique sound. 

We are gaining more traction within the reggae community and outside of it. In 2019, we won the Park Pop People Stage Award and thus performed their music as a support act at one of the biggest pop music festivals in the Netherlands. Later that year we played at the biggest reggae festival in the Netherlands, Reggae Lake. Standing as a supporting act alongside more established international reggae-acts like Alpha Blondy, Ziggy Marley, Etana, Jah cure, Third World, Don Carlos, Busy Signal etc.!

In 2020 we released their second single ‘Dya Dya Uma’. The song is part of an international riddim project that features various well-known Dutch and Surinamese artists like Kenny B and Damaru. The song has been featured on numerous TV shows, Radio show’s and newspapers in Suriname.

In 2021 we started the “Osso Session” series (home recording sessions) because of the limitations due to the covid-19 measures. Within this concept we released “Underdog”, “Don’t give up”, “Illusion” and “Unconditional love”. With “Underdog” we reached more than 14.000 views for the first time. In 2022 we are focusing on releasing more songs and getting back on stage.

Who We Are


Loves to search for freedom within music. How to touch hearts lyricly and artisticly to unify and to make a social contribution.


Is a smooth rebel, who likes to harmonize and is unapologitacally honest in music.

Wabi Sabi

Is a messenger of love and inspiration who believes that music is felt from the hearth and warms the soul.